Use the screenreader optimised version

Help set the RCT budget!

The consultation is now closed.  All of the information will be analysed and reported back to Cabinet in the New Year.

Here’s what you need to know about the simulator:

•Simply click on the “Create Your Budget” button to get started
•Select a group of services from the panel on the left
•You will then see a list of service areas within that group - for more information on each of the services just click on the 'i' button next to the service area title
•Slide the scale up or down to increase or reduce the budget in that area
•The budget gap figure at the top will increase or decrease depending on the decisions you make – the aim is to get it £0!
•Please note the Council's total budget in 2019/20 is £471.600M . However, quite a lot of this budget includes items that cannot be reduced such as levies that we pay to external organisations or the costs of funding the Council’s assets, so these have been excluded from the simulator as they have to be included in next year’s budget
•For each decision you make you will be informed of the potential consequences of reducing or increasing the budget in that particular area – please be aware that the consequences are for demonstration purposes only
•For modelling purposes a 3% Council Tax rise for 2019/20 has been used and is factored in to the budget gap of £5.920M.
•Once you’ve balanced the budget click submit
•Closing a budget gap isn’t easy so don’t worry if you haven’t been able to do it – your views about spending on services are very important to the Council and will help inform the 2019/20 budget setting process

Once you have completed the budget simulator, please take a few more minutes to answer some important questions regarding the Council’s investment priorities, Council Tax and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.